Docker images

Nitrile is bundled as a Docker image and published on the Docker Hub as cleanlang/nitrile.

The images are based on slim versions of Debian images (e.g. debian:bullseye-slim). The following tags are available:

  • X.Y.Z-RELEASE, where X.Y.Z is a Nitrile version and RELEASE a Debian release (e.g. bullseye). There are no images based on releases before bullseye, and the stable release is the latest supported release.
  • X.Y-RELEASE links to the latest patch version in X.Y.
  • X-RELEASE links to the latest minor-patch version in X (only for X greater than 0).
  • X[.Y[.Z]] links to X[.Y[.Z]]-RELEASE where RELEASE is the current stable release.
  • RELEASE-latest links to the latest X.Y.Z-RELEASE with the same RELEASE.
  • latest links to RELEASE-latest where RELEASE is the current release.

In CI and scripts you should fix the major version and the Debian version for backwards compatibility, by using a X-RELEASE tag, or one that is more restrictive.