nitrile run

This command is used to run executables distributed in the bin directory of packages. The package containing the executable may be installed both locally (in a project scope) and globally (see nitrile global).

nitrile run will execute the executable for the latest package that is compatible with the dependencies of the current project. nitrile run can also be used outside projects; in this case, the latest version is selected.


Currently, when an executable is run from a package that has dependencies, Nitrile will check that the dependencies can be resolved. However, the program has no way of accessing the dependencies.


nitrile run accepts the following positional arguments. Global options must be specified before run:

  • PACKAGE is the package in which the executable to execute is located.
  • EXECUTABLE is the executable to execute.
  • ARGS are the arguments to pass on to the executable.


When a package is installed globally with nitrile global install, a script is created in the bin directory of the global Nitrile installation for each executable in the package. This script calls nitrile run under the hood to let Nitrile select an appropriate version of the package and run the executable. Such a script has the same name as the executable and, on POSIX, looks somewhat like:


Therefore, in most cases you do not have to run nitrile run yourself, but can simply call EXECUTABLE.