nitrile publish

This command publishes a packaged project to the registry.

You need to specify the targets you want to publish, for example:

$ nitrile publish --targets=linux-x64,linux-x86,windows-x64

Concretely, it performs the following steps:

  • Create a nitrile-metadata.json with information used by the registry.

  • Upload nitrile-metadata.json and the package tarballs from nitrile package to a GitLab generic package.

  • Ping the registry to fetch new information about the package.

This command should only be used in GitLab CI, because it depends on variables that are set here.

Typically, you should run nitrile publish in a last, separate stage in CI, which gets the package files as CI artifacts from previous stages. See the CI configuration examples. However, if there is only one build step you could also run nitrile publish in that job.