The Nitrile CLI

With Nitrile installed you can start using the CLI to build, test, package, and publish applications and libraries. These pages document the command line interface.


In general, nitrile is invoked with a subcommand, for example:

$ nitrile build

There are global options, which may appear both before and after the subcommand.

Additionally, some subcommands may have options. These may only appear after the subcommand.

For example:

$ nitrile --global-option-1 build --global-option-2 --build-option


The CLI has the following subcommands:

  • update: updates the local copy of the registry.
  • init: creates a new package in the current directory.
  • env: outputs a shell or PowerShell script to set some environment variables with which you can run clm from the command line.
  • fetch: fetches dependencies of the current package.
  • build: runs the build steps for the current package.
  • test: runs the tests for the current package.
  • generate-tags: generates a ctags file for use in an editor.
  • package: packages the current package.
  • publish: publishes the current package to the registry.
  • terms: prints the full legal terms of the program.