nitrile global

This command is used to manage packages installed in a global, cross-project scope. Globally installed packages can be used with nitrile run.

This command can also be used to manage Nitrile versions.


The following commands can be performed:

  • install: installs a new (version of a) package in the global scope.
  • list: lists all currently installed packages.
  • remove: removes a package from the global scope.

nitrile global install PACKAGE [VERSION]

Installs a package globally. If VERSION is not specified, the latest version known to the registry will be installed.

You should run nitrile update beforehand to have an up to date copy of the registry.


Installing a package globally does not install any dependencies. The reason for this is that nitrile run allows dependencies to be installed both locally and globally. Therefore, at the moment a global package is installed, nitrile does not know whether the dependencies should be installed locally or globally.

nitrile global list

Lists globally installed packages and their versions.

nitrile global remove PACKAGE VERSION

Removes the globally installed version VERSION of PACKAGE.