nitrile env

This command outputs some useful environment variable settings.


The output can be fed to eval in bash to set the settings in the current process:

eval `nitrile env`

In PowerShell, you can use Invoke-Expression:

nitrile env | Invoke-Expression

Use case

A typical use case is to do some simple tests using clm. For example, you can create a temporary temp.icl and without adding a build step compile and run it with:

eval `nitrile env`
clm $CLMFLAGS temp -o temp

Defined variables

The following variables are defined:

  • CLEAN_HOME: points to a central directory in nitrile-packages with a bin and exe subdirectory containing links or copies to the binaries of all dependencies.
  • CLEANLIB: identical to $CLEAN_HOME/exe, used by clm.
  • CLMFLAGS: the flags nitrile would use to invoke clm.
  • PATH: identical to the previous PATH, but with $CLEAN_HOME/bin prepended (if it was not already at the start of PATH).