nitrile env

This command outputs some useful environment variable settings.


Optional dependencies are treated as required. This means that all dependencies must be installed, and that their library paths are included in the CLMFLAGS even when they are optional.


The output can be fed to eval in bash to set the settings in the current process:

eval `nitrile env`

In PowerShell, you can use Invoke-Expression:

nitrile env | Invoke-Expression

Use case

A typical use case is to do some simple tests using clm. For example, you can create a temporary temp.icl and without adding a build step compile and run it with:

eval `nitrile env`
clm $CLMFLAGS temp -o temp

Defined variables

The following variables are defined:

  • CLEAN_HOME: points to a central directory in nitrile-packages with a bin and exe subdirectory containing links or copies to the binaries of all dependencies.
  • CLEANLIB: identical to $CLEAN_HOME/exe, used by clm.
  • CLMFLAGS: the flags nitrile would use to invoke clm.
  • PATH: identical to the previous PATH, but with $CLEAN_HOME/bin prepended (if it was not already at the start of PATH).